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Bus Logic journey ...

Our establishment and business development chronology

Founded in 1966

Service of electronics " Service Zvonko"

Our knowledge base is been growing up for more than 50 years. We build experience through the experience and listen carefully to market demands. Started as service of electronics "Service Zvonko", this small business climbed up to the level of an important market role in the field of electronics and digital services development.
"Service Zvonko" became the worldwide famous brand Digital Logic that was the next step in a process of the branding of the unique complex public transport software solution - Bus Logic.

June 2000 

E-card System (AIS)

After many years of experience in the field of electronic devices and system integration and hardware maintenance, in 2000 the company began to work on its first hardware & software development project - Autonomous Identification Systems (AIS). This system relies on RFID technology and includes time-attendance and access control hardware and software.
Developing its own hardware and tools for this system building, the company has opened the door to its new era of system development, which is based on RFID programming hardware of its own production.

August 2006

Hotels System Development

In 2006, Service Zvonko began the development and implementation of its first hotel system with room access control and power consumption control. The Hotel System has joined the product line of the AIS sector and has reached numerous customers from the hospitality industry.

September 2007

Developing the Bus Ticketing System

In 2007, Zvonko Service signed a contract with the public transport company Veolia Litas for the development and implementation of software and hardware intended for bus operators, with an automated fare collection system based on the Mifare standard.

May 2009

Cooperation with Kavim, Israel

In early 2009, an Israel company Kavim Ltd purchased our bus ticket system and implemented it in more than 250 buses owned by three bus companies operating in Serbia.

2009 - 2017 

Bus Logic Ticketing System is been used by more than 1000 vehicles

In the past 11 years, Bus Logic Company has developed one of the best bus ticketing systems in Europe and implemented it in more than 1000 vehicles. At this time we set up our new goals and started the planning of our system implementation in other parts of the world outside Europe.

January 2017

Digital Logic 》》》 Bus Logic

At the beginning of 2017, Digital Logic Ltd splits its operational organization into two companies:
- Digital Logic RND in order to continue the AIS systems, RFID and NFC systems, and Access Control systems development, and
- Bus Logic Ltd in order to continue the Bus Ticketing System development exclusively.

Autumn 2018

Bus Logic goes global

After gaining significant experience in bus ticketing system development, Bus Logic started the huge system redesign adjusting it for mobile devices (primarily Android hardware) and improving the system translation engine which leads to establishing the international sales department by the end of this year.

By the summer of 2019

Many new domestic and international clients

The first days of 2019 were marked by the implementation of a redesigned system in Italy, followed by a series of significant contracts with major transportation companies, as well as upgrading the system with new advanced features supplemented by the modern way of bus service providing.

October 2019

IT hub and association establishment

In October 2019, Bus Logic brings to life its many-year-old idea and, in association with a group of experts and enthusiasts in the association "IT industry, founded the IT Hub & Coworking Space Digital 012". In the first months of its work, this association has gathered a considerable number of interested trainees who attend the association's training in programming, electronics, business informatics, and other related topics.


We raise your business to the sky!

Our main product is a web-based digital software system with a cloud database for bus operators with integrated Android applications for ticket sale on the bus, automated fare collection, ticket sale at the bus stations and by agencies, and sold ticket and electronic cards validity control on the bus. This system also contains two PWA apps (cross-platform) intended to be used by the passengers and customers (timetable search, bus ticket booking, and purchase online, other articles ordering, etc.).

The entire Bus Logic cloud ticketing system is developed as a union of independent software modules (sub-systems). Designed by an experienced team and based on the business experience of various customers - bus operators, our ticketing system covers almost every possible operating process of bus operators and bus resellers. Each part of the BusLogic system can work independently, but also can be combined with other parts in accordance with the specific needs of each client. One part of the system is the e-ticketing module which is considered as an upgrade for a basic cash ticket sale system. This module can be used in three security modes: enabled security (uses RFID factory serial number only), basic security (programmed RFID cards), high security (programmed RFID cards with additional encryption protocols).

The basic solution (described on Android Bus Ticket Sale Software web page) supports cash sales on the bus and includes Android application and web platform for managing the system (price lists, lines, drivers, etc).

Automated fare collection (electronic cards implementation) sub-system includes the basic system module with all the tools for company data entry, lies, stations, and price lists management, etc. but it also includes the separate AFC management portal (accessible on the same company domain) with all the tools for the bus pass managing and programming. Bus pass - electronic bus ticket may be created as a regular monthly ticket, trip ticket (valid for a specified number of rides), or e-wallet (prepaid card), but there is also a possibility to issue the loyalty card, some special card with assigned discount and other. To program the RF cards, we designed the hardware+software solution with the tools to format and program the card or other Fare media (MiFare 1K, ISO 14443) by using the special security protocols while writing the data onto the card. Once programmed, the card can be used by the passenger and all furred administration such as validity extension, some possible changes of the stations assigned for the ride and so on, can be done remotely (online or on-board) so the passenger has no need to come in person to one special selling point to pay for extension or other services.

Programed cards validation is performed on the bus automatically and the bus Validators collects and refreshes the active card's data, and blacklists each time they have internet access. Practically, they don't have to be online for the entire ride duration and the records on sold tickets and validated cards will be uploaded to the cloud database when they have the network connection again.

Our PIS system solution is presented on the World Wide Display web page. This system can be used at any point in the world on various devices with enabled internet access.

Our Automatic Vehicle Location system with integrated Google maps is in the final development phase. This solution can be used for the buses search in the selected area, tracking the vehicles with enabled GPS tracking options on the driver console (Android App for on-board ticket sale). This module access can be granted to the system users groups such as ticket sales agencies and agents, registered users, etc. and the final development phase will include the public vehicle and routes search (generated a public page and PWA App).

Bus Logic Ticketing System also includes the Dispatching module with all relevant tools for planning the shifts, routes, vehicle usage, telemetry and other.

Booking system consists of three software solutions (all functional independently): onboard booking (Android App), Counter booking (web portal for PC and Android), online booking (public website and PWA App).

Regarding the hardware, although we were developing our own solutions, we decided to focus on software development and selected some of the very reliable hardware from other manufacturers to integrate into our system. We recommend the system compatible hardware that can be purchased online, fast delivered to any country of the world and can be mounted on the buses without much effort and technical knowledge. 



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