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Bus Logic Ltd

Research and development, production and sale of bus ticketing system, software for bus operators, a system for electronic payment in the bus, tracking vehicles, fleet management, passenger information system, etc.

What we are doing ...

Experience, support & consulting, service

Bus Logic Tim

11 years of experience

BusLogic was worked from 2007 up to the 2016 year like a sector-segment of Bus Ticketing Systems in the company called Digital Logic LTD which at the end of the 2016 year had celebrate 50 years of existence.  

Bus Logic Softver Razvoj

Software and hardware development

In our company, with development department, we research and develop all devices that we are selling, from hardware to software.

Bus Logic Servis i proizvodnja

Service and support

Development and Sales is not the only main thing of our company. We give a big focus to customer support process that is very important to us.

Our projects ... 

Projects on which we are working since 2007 ...

Bus Ticketing System, Software for Bus Operators, Fleet Management, Passenger Information System ...

A very popular web page for information about time schedules and online ticket sale.

Android Application for ticket sale in the bus by bus driver or conductor.


Svetosavska 24
12000 Srbija


Land Phone: +381 (12) 403792
Mobile Phone: +381 (63) 8194942